Who's Your Daddy...

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Matt James - Head Honcho

Madison dad, aka "Daddy Matty", has been passionate about cooking for his friends and family, and smoking a brisket or a rack of ribs brings him pure joy. Lucky for the rest of us, he expanded from backyard barbecuing to start Daddy Matty's BBQ and Catering, where Everbody Eats! 

The newly-opened restaurant, which is still evolving, is about creating place where the people we love can come and be.

Daddy Matty says, "I feel like I've left so many friends over the years because I wanted to be everywhere, know everyone and try to be everything. At this point in my life, I miss them and I want them to come feel at home in my place."

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Our family and friends have supported us all the way. Our bbq is family friendly, neighbor-tested-and-approved! Daddy Matty doesn't have to be your daddy for you to reap the bbq benefits, but in this case, he just so happens to be the pit chief of this fine-looking crew, pictured here at smoker pickup day!