Daddy Matty's BBQ

Daddy Matty's BBQ has it going on!


So what exactly is going on at Daddy Matty's? Events, that we like to call- special. We needed a bigger kitchen for our catering and takeout prep, and when we set our eyes on 6 Elmer in Madison, we pretty much knew it was the place. We hang out in the kitchen, and generally have a pretty good, and sometimes hilarious- really! - time. But Daddy Matty's BBQ was started out of our passion for feeding our neighbors and togetherness. We make food, you hang out with us and eat it, it's a party. So we wanted to somehow bring that festive atmosphere we loved from the backyard party, to our new space. Lightbulb ... use it for themed events. Or let you use it for your own special events. We even brainstormed some ideas – graduation parties, showers, business or team building outings, test kitchen tasting parties, sports team dinners, game day or March Madness parties, family celebrations, communion or baptism celebrations - _________ fill in the blank with your own great idea and give us a call!


So we hosted a guys night. And guys came. And ate a lot of bbq. It was great. Next the ladies, with some help from our friend Amrish at Main St Wine Cellars, had a wine tasting ladies night out. Awesome too. This month we have Guys and Ladies Nights back by popular demand. And with two Paint and Sip parties under our belts, we're going for it again this month, with an adult paint and sip, and a parent kid one. Colorado Margarita night is back this month too, and we've been told that you will still be full the next morning. It's a busy schedule, and that's the way we like it. 


So what's next at Daddy Matty's? You tell us.  Contact us if you'd like to have your event here- we cook for you if you want us to, we set up, bring whatever you want, we clean up- you just have fun. Or join us for one of our Daddy Matty's hosted special events. Have a good idea for an event you'd like us to host? Let us know. Our slogan, or philosophy really, is EVERYBODY EATS. Come keep us company, have some fun, and eat some bbq. It's good stuff. Our sauce bottle says- Neighbor tested and approved. We stand behind that marketing line- and we want you to test and approve for us too- ok? Hope to see you at 6 Elmer soon!


Your friends,
The Daddy Matty's Crew